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Acupuncture is analogous to a dam being removed from a river: the ecosystem of that river is restored, and life returns to the landscape downstream.


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Dr. Mitya Schoppe DACM, BSN, LAc.

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Dr. Britton Mann DAOM, L.Ac.

  • Acupuncturist
  • He/Him/His


The Five Pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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They are ‘cat whiskers,’ so thin that you may feel nothing at all. Yet we know acupuncture influences nerve transmission, muscular and connective tissues, the functional energy of organ systems, and the blood and its metabolic components, such as oxygen, hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients. That means for you a return to homeostasis and relief of symptoms without side effects.
Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas are designed to nourish and balance, correcting patterns of disease in weeks to months, not masking symptoms. Safety and efficacy tested over the last 2500 years, a TCM formula can speed your recovery.
gua sha, skin scraping, health benefit, massage

Manual Therapies

Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), cupping, gua sha (scraping), and moxa (application of heat) are important disciplines in TCM for pain reduction and symptom relief. These techniques are seamlessly incorporated into your treatment for the best outcome.
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Breath and Movement

Qi Gong and Tai Qi are ancient exercise programs designed to strengthen and center the body, calm the mind, and promote longevity. Studies show these practices greatly benefit balance and breath, two important aspects of long-term health. Ask about local or remote classes being offered.
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There is no standard diet that is healthy for all people. The explosion of dietary advice and an epidemic of food sensitivities has only made it harder to make sense of what to eat. Access the wisdom from the east along with cutting-edge microbiome research to improve your health and wellbeing.


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“Mitya was awesome and explained how my treatment would progress.”   Jim C. 

“What a great experience today. I am so excited to have discovered you and to start my regular weekly sessions.”   Monique F.

“I am so grateful to have found my way to Dr. Schoppe. Her skills as an acupuncturist and thoughtful attention to my whole being have been a gift!”   Pamela P.

“Not sure why I waited so long to try this very good experience.”   Gary Y.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

... is a centuries-old practice at pace with contemporary science that offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking holistic healing and overall wellness, including:

  • Stress reduction

  • Increased energy

  • Improved immunity

  • Decreased reliance on pharmaceuticals

  • Pain relief

  • Better sleep

  • Hormonal balance

  • Safe treatment without side effects


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After a fall, I suffered a severe concussion with significant cognitive, physical, and emotional symptoms. These symptoms endured for months until my PCP recommended acupuncture. Dr. Schoppe set me on a path to recovery.   Richard M.


“I really appreciated my time with Mitya. I felt comfortable and very quickly that I was in knowledgeable hands. The acupuncture treatment was great and I will return for more.”    Christine A.


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Relief from Stress

Acupuncture promotes relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Pain Management

Our acupuncture treatments can help alleviate chronic and acute pain effectively.

Improved Energy Levels

Our services can help restore your body's energy balance, invigorating your overall wellness.

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